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Optimisation CIS CIS Advanced

Consumer Intent Scoring is at the heart of the targeting and optimization methodology driving our LIIFT ™ targeting platform.

The algorithms drive results by not only understanding the intent of the user, but also the underlying meaning , sentiment and brand safety of the environment in relation to the campaign. This means that Nano can optimize campaigns in directly relevant positive or negative sentiment environments.

We combine real-time consumer journey data, deep on page contextual analysis and machine learning technology to deliver effective advertising without relying on cookies or any other personal identifiers .

This means that advertisers can expect greater reach and improved campaign performance . Publishers can increase page CPMs safe in the knowledge that their users’ identity (direct or via an email proxy) is not being stripped from their site.

We optimize to brand and performance metrics and with over 2500 campaigns under our belt our methodology is proven.

User journey

We focus on where the user came from and we determine what they searched for.


We take into account historic performance for similar types of advertisers or campaigns.

The model can specifically optimize view time and dwell time – both important factors for brand engagement.

Campaign relevance

We analyze every single publisher placement opportunity to determine how relevant it is for your specific campaign.

We do this based on deep contextual understanding of the page to determine the underlying meaning , sentiment and safety .


We apply an understanding of how other live factors influence marketing effectiveness such as device, time and day.

Number One Number One

Tell us your campaign KPI’s and we’ll map out a campaign graph that’s bespoke for you that understands the underlying goals. This ensures that the targeting is tailored to the specific needs of your advertising campaign.

Number Two Number Two

Our advanced ML technology scans millions of intent data signals and finds the most appropriate ones to deliver results specific to your campaign goals.

Number Three Number Three

By scoring every single advertising opportunity according to its suitability we ensure only the most relevant audience sees your brand message enhancing the chances of them engaging.

Working with a brand like PlayStation comes with high expectations both from the client and from within our team: we aimed to deliver the best possible performance and achieved great results. Moreover, providing the client with detailed insights around their activity and our product’s efficacy cemented this partnership as a clear proof of Nano’s validity.

- Matt Hamill
- Group Sales Director

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