The Old Vic benefits from Intent Personas - Nano’s ID-free alternative to demographic targeting

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Confirmed targeting accuracy (measured independently)


Uplift in CTR vs. 2023 industry benchmarks


Increase in Purchase Consideration

Nano’s innovative and alternative approach to demographic targeting aligned extremely well with our client’s needs. With the increasing challenges around ID-dependent targeting, having a long-term solution that doesn’t rely on any form of personal data and that is proving to be fully scalable and effective, positions Nano as a key partner to future-proof our plans.

- Alex Orchard
- AKA UK - Media Account Director


Nano and The Old Vic theater targeted parents via Nano’s new Intent Persona: an ID-free, bias-free, intent-first targeting solution that offers an alternative to traditional cookied demographic and audience targeting.


Our ID-free Intent Persona proved clear accuracy while delivering at scale, generating strong engagement across hyper-contextual spaces.

  • Accuracy: cookie-matching rates usually sit between 40 and 60% (source). With a 72% average (result measured by an independent external partner) our Intent Personas solution provides a precise targeting tool while reaching audiences at scale without the need of cookies or identifiers.
  • Performance: the activity delivered 2M+ impressions and generated a CTR that surpassed the 2023 industry benchmarks by 71% (averages for comparison), and drove a 35% uplift in purchase consideration and 150% in ad recall vs. non exposed users.
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