Superbet uses Nano’s Intent Personas to drive high levels of Attention with a multi-market strategy

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Accuracy of our ID-free Persona solutions


Time in View outcomes


Uplift in Purchase Consideration (Bespoke Intent Personas)

“This is the first Bespoke Intent Persona activation that Superbet has run with Nano, and the results were successful, not only at a performance level, but also in terms of brand uplifts and accuracy – assuring at a time where we are becoming less dependent on cookies but can confidently still hit our performance and brand goals without depending on them.

The pre-campaign research showed that our traditional targeting was missing out on a key part of our audience, and thanks to Nano’s research we were able to expand our range of addressability and gain market share. We also recorded a solid increase in in-site conversions – which is a much welcome added value given that our strategy was optimised to Attention.”

- Dale Fisher-Brown
- Superbet


Superbet adopted a multi-market, multi-strategy approach aimed at organically expanding their data pool while future-proofing their advertising approach with Nano’s Intent Persona solution (ID free alternative to behavioural targeting) and Time in View optimisations to drive better attention.

Launched simultaneously across two markets, we first activated our ready-to-use Betting Fans Intent Persona for 6 weeks, which was then followed up by a longer activity targeting a Bespoke Intent Persona, tailored to the client and accounting for the nuances of user behaviour per market.

The first campaign aimed to drive Brand Awareness across new audiences, while the Bespoke solution aimed at targeting frequent bettors (higher value customers).

The goal of the campaign was driving Attention via Time in View optimisations, ensuring Brand Awareness and consequent quality traffic to site.


An independent Brand Lift Study measured that the average accuracy of our ID-free Persona solutions came in at 79% for this activity. The campaign also drove strong Time in View outcomes, outperforming the KPI benchmark by 100%+ across all activities and markets.

The off-the-shelf Betting Fans Persona drove high Brand Awareness across new potential customers.  Via the brand lift study we also identified curiosity as a key driver of good performance, which resulted in positive brand perception across new audiences open to betting.

On the other hand, the Superbet Bespoke Intent Persona excelled in targeting users with a higher frequency of usage. Given that this solution is modelled after the client’s own dataset, we recorded higher levels of Purchase Consideration and a strong desire to engage and check on existing bets.

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