SAP Concur increases user engagement with Nano’s Intent Targeting during a challenging period

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Increase in CTR since the campaign's launch.


Unique users were reached.


Increase in investment due to the client's satisfaction.

The niche targeting requested for this campaign really tested Nano’s product – so when our advanced optimisation techniques gathered relevant learnings and strong results started to be recorded across the campaign, the client’s expectations were met and the satisfaction from the whole team was palpable. I’m glad that a test campaign could turn into a strong partnership due to their satisfaction with Nano.

- Hailey McDermott
- Sales Group Head


SAP Concur wanted to engage a B2B audience interested in expense management. Nano’s keyword targeting was chosen to reach users at the moment of intent, in an extremely challenging period due to the circumstances created by the first lockdown.


The results, measured across a multi-point engagement score, turned a test campaign into a four month ‘always on’ activity – effective investment despite the challenging times.

The client’s satisfaction was due to an on-brand keyword targeting strategy enriched by relevant side searches.

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