Sage cements its partnership with Nano by complementing the performance activity with a branding strategy, leveraging the full potential of the Nano LIIFT™ platform.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


improvement in CPA at the end of 2021 than projected after the branding line was included.


increase in prospecting unique users (within the quarter the branding activation started).


increase in relevant audience for the performance line (within the quarter of branding activation).

We are always impressed with Nano’s high level of service and ability to understand both client needs and how to execute on key deliverables. Both ourselves and our clients are excited for the future of the partnership.

- Ryan Eberlin
- Programmatic Account Director @ Neo Media World


Historically focused on CPA, our strategy for Sage evolved in Q3 2021 to also focus on brand awareness and driving traffic to the site. The primary aim was to increase the campaign’s reach organically, providing a greater volume of learnings and allowing for more tailored performance-focused targeting.


A branding test line was implemented on one of Sage’s products in July 2021 that not only achieved its primary awareness KPI, but also positively impacted the CPA performance. In Q1 2022 our partnership included branding strategies for 3 products – this number increased to 5 products in Q2 2022.


The campaign performed exceptionally for the entire duration of the test and is now a stable part of our Always-On strategy.


The most recent figures (end of Q1 2022) prove its continued success:

  • CPA 90% lower than the KPI goal on the performance line.
  • CTR 64% higher than the KPI goal on the branding line.
  • The Branding campaign increased the performance cookie pool by 92% within the last quarter.
  • Traffic from display increased by 2.5x over a 6-month period.
  • Conversions from display increased by 4x over a 6-month period.


Such results affirm our position as the key prospecting partner on Sage’s digital strategy.

The same results have been observed across multiple products in Sage’s portfolio. This allows us to build bespoke audience targeting strategies based on consolidated factors of success and covering the full conversion funnel.

This has further strengthened our position with both Sage and Neo as a highly valued partner and an essential component on all plans.

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