Pets at Home reached the right audience with Nano's Rich Media formats and exceeded the KPI goal.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Final CTR achieved.


CTR trend during the activity.


Higher than the KPI goal.

This activity was an exciting opportunity for Nano to show the potential of our Rich Media formats. Display advertising is evolving, and demonstrating our efficiency with more engaging formats made us a valuable partner for Pets at Home. We’ve run multiple activities together and I’m glad to see our partnership’s strong and we’re meeting their expectations.

- James Green
- Regional Sales Manager


Pets At Home invested in Nano’s Parascroll formats to test their potential: the goal was achieving a flexible targeting and high engagement, while also focusing on a breed-specific keyword targeting.


Nano exceeded the expectations delivering a CTR performance more than 4 times higher than the goal requested. The performance was positive throughout the whole campaign with an extremely positive trend (+290%).

At the end of the activity, we reported back on the engagement recorded on specific breeds (Yorkshire Terrier and German Shepherd) along with other general keywords categories.

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