Nano exceeds all expectations proving the efficacy of the LIIFT™ technology combined with Scoota's Rich Media solutions.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


Uplift in Engagement Rate generated vs. average Lightbox's benchmark.


Uplift in CTR generated vs. average Parascroll's benchmark.


Uplift in CTR generated vs. average Prism's benchmark.

The exceptional performance of Nano’s display campaigns this year is a strong testament to the brilliance of their bespoke LIIFT™ technology. It further emphasises the importance of combining exciting rich creatives with clever targeting and optimisation to ensure your brand stands out in the display market.

- Jonny Hirst
- Head of Project Management at Scoota


In a highly competitive advertising landscape, advertisers need to find new ways to effectively target their audience and deliver value and a positive brand experience to these users.

Nano and Scoota partnered up to prove that LIIFT™ targeting technology delivered alongside highly engaging rich media solutions really do deliver greater effectiveness for our clients.


Across multiple European markets we tracked a variety of campaigns which utilised our LIIFT™ platform as well as Scoota’s rich media portfolio. We used campaigns with various client KPIs to gain a broader understanding of the incremental value Nano’s LIIFT™ technology had on creative effectiveness.

We then compared these to Scoota’s overall market benchmarks, based on actual results over the past 12 months.

Our results show the importance of delivering engaging creative alongside targeted media buys:

  • Lightbox exceeded the ER benchmark by 147%, the CTR by 240%, and the dwell time by 54%.
  • Parascroll exceeded the CTR benchmark by 847%
  • Prism exceeded the CTR benchmark by 164%
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