Nano helped the DEC raise over £1M for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal using Live Intent targeting.

Case Study

Case Study Case Study


higher ROI than the KPI goal.


average daily donation attributed to the Nano activity alone.


unique users prospected across 2 weeks of activity.

Our jobs take on a whole new meaning when working for a great cause: our partnership with the DEC has been ongoing for many years now across numerous appeals, and every time we’re putting all of our efforts to make sure we deliver the best possible results.

Quick activation, daily optimisations by a dedicated team and our LIIFT product behind it all allowed this to be our most successful activity to date, raising more than £1M for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. A great success for a cause close to Nano’s heart and values.

- Marco Perin
- Client Success Team Lead


Nano and DEC have partnered up multiple times over the past few years to raise awareness over charitable causes and drive donations in support of those affected. DEC relied on Nano’s LIIFT™ product and our capability to expand their reach to discover new audiences at the very moment of intent: these are all crucial elements for DEC and the reason our partnership has proved to show incremental effectiveness with every activation.

Working with DEC to raise donations in support of Ukraine is a cause close to Nano and we implemented the most effective strategies to ensure we could maximise our effect on the overall plan both in terms of revenue and volume of users reached.


Due to the urgency of this campaign, we understood the importance of activating quickly to utilise our Live Intent product when the news was first announced to the general public.

Historically across our previous campaigns with DEC the largest volume of donations was recorded in the first 72 hours of activation, hence our decision to upfront delivery as much as possible to capitalise on the vast volume of intent signals we were recording.


The campaign received 2 upweights due to the good performance achieved:

  • An ROI 13 times higher than the KPI
  • 90% click to conversion ratio
  • The strongest performance on hyper-contextual search terms
  • The lowest CPA ever recorded on our partnership with DEC.
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