ID-free Intent.


The end of cookies doesn’t have to mean stumbling in the dark.

Nano uses data modelling, panel research and AI to understand consumer Intent giving you a live, unconfined view of audiences – without compromising privacy.

What we do

What we do What we do

The end of personal identifiers, growing consumer privacy sentiment and loss of signal leaves buyers with an urgent need for alternatives that don’t compromise performance.

Nano offers end-to-end, future proof solutions from audience creation, planning to activation for clients that want outcomes.

We use AI, data modelling, informed by our intent graph, and panel research to determine consumer intent to drive reach, accuracy and performance.

So you can run impactful, privacy respecting campaigns, effortlessly, today.

Extend reach to NEW & relevant Audiences

We extend the reach of all your campaigns to include the 80% of the  open web found in cookieless environments across which  we’re able to drive significant brand uplifts.

Intent Persona Targeting

As signals fade our solution allows brands to target specific audience demographics, without cookies, IDs, personal data, or profiling.

Key to our curation are ‘real world’ checks ensuring all personas are verified against a panel of actual consumers who belong to those groups.

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Cookieless Measurement

Our new award-winning attention-focused measurement solution “Time in View” measures the quality of user interactions, going beyond traditional measures of success. We’ve proven it works  – we deliver incremental reach and proven performance with brand metric uplifts to display and video campaigns on a daily basis.


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your audience

Our in-depth insights hub gives you a clearer picture of your audience across a range of verticals and helps inform your planning.

Nano’s Live targeting solution enabled us to extend our reach, targeting relevant consumers in cookieless environments with multiple creatives during moments of increased affinity and high intent. Utilising keyword data signals in real-time and across cookie-less environments enabled us to target during optimal levels of intent helping drive excellent results for Mondelez.

- George Thorpe
- Display Account Manager (Carat)

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